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Following the success of his debut single, ‘Talking To Myself’ released in 2020 and the equally outstanding reception received from the intoxicating ‘Medusa’ in January, emerging talent Andreww unveils his next enigmatic single ‘Shadow Love’. However, this time around Andreww has a few tricks up his sleeve. To compliment this dark infused, grunge-inspired, hybrid release he also reveals an innovative and interactive online video game. Play as Andreww and enter a 2-D world designed by the musician himself, all whilst listening to new single ‘Shadow Love’. Combining the best of both realms, this release is an absolute treat for the senses. Music & games...what’s not to love?

With an eclectic taste in both music and fashion, stemming from his background as an international runway and fashion model, strutting for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior. Andreww has acquired a unique talent for integrating sounds, elements, themes and emotions from other genres and combining them to create his own dynamic soundscapes and ‘Shadow Love’ is a prime example of his expertise.

Bringing together a host of seemingly incompatible sounds in ‘Shadow Love’, Andreww yet again demonstrates his love of grungy chorus guitars,  heavy, 808 hip-hop beats and modern trap elements, pairing it all with his characteristically layered and lyrically impassioned pop-melodies. The resulting atmosphere is dark, dynamic and edgy. Describing the sounds of ‘Shadow Love’, Andreww asks fans to “imagine a lo-fi grunge guitar riff thrown into a Tim Burton movie where giants are fighting.”

Speaking on the message behind his release, Andreww reveals that:


‘“Shadow Love’ is basically about loving things that aren’t good for you. A love that lies over you like a shadow. The enjoyment of being reckless and wanting to not know better. It’s not even about a specific person or thing but more a mindset you go into the night with.”

With each new release, Andreww continues to bring a refreshing new outlook to music creation and composition, with his focus centred purely on the song and not on a pre-existing obligation to any particular genre, Andreww manages to create a wholly unique musical universe that’s entirely original and authentically his. Embracing his vulnerability and sharing it with the world, ‘Shadow Love’ takes the listener on a journey via intimate and introspective lyricism that is both deeply personal yet widely relatable.

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